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We believe in the strict right to data privacy. In other words, your information is your own, and you are entitled to expect others to respect it as your private property.

What data of mine is inaccessible to others?

The majority of your data entered is stored in an encrypted database on your computer or device. When stored on your computer, we have no access to this local data.

What data of mine is accessible to others?

We can access your ServerKey details, your User details and any emails we send you eg for PC Authorisation. When you create a new user account, your personal details, including your password, are stored in a central database run by BamBam Software. Your password is hashed so even we cannot retrieve it. Other secure information, such as your secret questions and answers, are encrypted when stored in the database. Note that most fields, including your first name, last name, street address and email address are not encrypted in the database.

If you choose to transfer your data to the BamBam Cloud, we have the capability to access to your data, but we will not access it without your expressed consent eg a support call. As the data file is encrypted and entirely separate from other user's databases, even our server host cannot access your data.

Where is my data physically stored?

By default, your main database is stored on your local device, so it goes where you go. Your ServerKey and User data is stored on a host server in either the United Kingdom or mainland USA. By default all BamBam Cloud data is also stored on a server in the United Kingdom or mainland USA, but we have the ability to store it virtually anywhere in the world. Contact us if your centralised data must be stored in another location.

Do you use web Cookies?

Yes. Cookies are used with the Web App products to store the latest logged in user and service accessed, to make re-logging in faster. These cookies are encrypted and remain on your local computer. You can deauthorise a web browser later if required.

Is my data backed up?

No. The data stored on your own device is not backed up by us. If you lose access to your device, your data is gone, unless you have your own backup. If you store your data in the BamBam Cloud, you have the ability to download an encrypted copy of your database at any time. Our host usually performs nightly backups of our servers, but please don't rely on this as your only form of backup.

Is the network encrypted?

Yes. All data is encrypted as it transfers from your device to the servers and back. We use the encryption built into the database tools.

Do you transfer my data to third parties?

No. We strictly forbid ourselves to collect, record or otherwise process any private data belonging to our clients without their expressed consent. We do not trade, sell or give access to any user data with any individual, 3rd party, company or organisation.

Do you provide access to my data to governments?

By default your data resides on your device, so we could not provide access to a government even if asked. If a government authority requests access to your data stored on the BamBam Cloud, we will provide it to them, in accordance with any laws where the data resides. So far to date there have been no requests by any government for any access to this data.

David Cox

Senior Developer

BamBam Software